Ship Windows Repair

Ship windows repair is a service offered to shipowners and shipyards. It consists in repair and regeneration of ship windows damaged during construction, renovation or exploitation of the ship. We remove scratches, burns, matting, deposits and corrosion of ship windows.

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Our Services

Removal of Window Burns Caused by Grinder Sparks

Removal of Window Burns Caused by Weld Spatter

Removal of Windows Scratches

Polishing Glass Matting and Pitting

Renewal and Regeneration of Used Windows


Why Repair and NOT Replacement?

The service is cheaper and faster than replacement and brings the same results. We have the greatest repair potential in the world and our experienced team guarantees the highest standard of the service. We describe the service in detail below. We are looking forward to cooperate with you.


1. How do we do it?

Removal of window damage consists in grinding of an appropriate window layer, enabling access to the bottom of the damage. After grinding the damage, we polish the window until it obtains 100% translucency.

2. Does the window look like a new one after the repair?

Yes, the window looks like a new one after our repairs. There are no side effects left after the repair, e.g. lenses or insufficient polishing. In case of ship windows, we have been performing the service for 9 years and no single window has broken.

However, there is damage that simply cannot be removed in 100%. In such cases, we inform the customer about the degree, in which we can help to solve the problem.

3. How long does the repair take?

In case of unproblematic access to the window, repair of surface of up to 1m2 takes:

  • Renewal of a used window – 1h to 4h depending on the degree of damage,
  • Repair of scratched window – approx. 4h,
  • Repair of burns caused by sparks – approx. 6h,
  • Repair of burns caused by weld spatter – approx. 8h.

4. What is needed to carry out appropriate repair?

  • Free access to the windows. The worker must be able to move freely near the window.
  • Ambient temperature of above -5°, no rain and gusty winds.
  • In case of deep damage at the edges, the window must be dismantled in order to execute repairs properly.
  • 230V 16 A power supply, access to water and sanitary facilities.

5. What kind of damage we do not repair?

– Burns and deep scratches in the peripheral area of the window (up to 50 mm from the edge).
– Cracks.

6. What kind of windows we do not repair

– We repair all kinds of ship windows excluding windows with external layers (filters). In practice, to this day we have not encountered ship windows with such layers.

7. How much does the repair cost?

– Detailed repair cost is given after completing a form, however, it is always much cheaper and faster than replacement.

9. How far do we travel?

– We provide services all over the world, however, keep in mind visa restrictions and travel costs. We prefer the EU market.

Client’s Reviews

“Clear View company provided services of removing burns from the glass in captain’s bridge. Work has been done immediately and with the utmost care. […]"Remontowa" Shipyard

Robert Kozicki, Cooperation Chief

“The service was carried out in a professional way, it did not interfere with restaurants activity. After the finished job the glass looked not only as good as before, but I might say […]McDonald's

Łukasz Wudarczyk, Restaurant Manager

“Due to the renovation, the achievement was a new glass effect without the need of replacing the glass, which significantly increased the exposure values. High quality[…]Gdynia Aquarium

inż. Marcin Betlejewski, Manager

“Work was carried out in accordance and expectations of the management. Used technology allowed to significantly reduce the number of exchanged windows, and […]UNIBEP S.A.

Paweł Żelazowski, Project Manager

“Thanks to the high quality of services in I’ll be happy to recommend the company CLEAR VIEW as a reliable partner. Full professionalism, great contacts, schedule flexibility […]Burger King

Adam Smolarek, Restaurant Manager

“The work was done without complaintand thoroughly, professionally and on time. Employees of Clear View may be characterized as hardworking, honest and with […]HENPOL Sp. z o.o.

Michał Sadowski, Project Manager

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