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We remove scratches, burns, matting, deposits and corrosion of ship windows.

About Clear View

Clear View has been established in 2008 and, as the first company in Europe, started to repair ship windows on such a scale. We come from port towns Gdańsk and Gdynia in Poland, which, due to the number of shipyards in the area, allowed us to prove ourselves on the ship market. Additionally to ship windows repairs, we operate on the construction market, and we also repair rolling stocks and vehicle fleet windows.

During our activity, we have repaired several thousand square metres of windows, which allowed us to generate multi-million savings for our customers. Repair experience and technology allowed us to develop the widest range of services in the world, and a number of credentials confirms their quality.

Our Services

1. Removal of Window Burns Caused by Grinder Sparks ,
2. Removal of Window Burns Caused by Weld Spatter,
3. Removal of Windows Scratches,
4. Polishing Glass Matting and Pitting,
5. Renewal and Regeneration of Used Windows,
6. Hydrophobization.

Examples of damage

Window Burns Caused by Grinder Sparks

Window Burns Caused by Weld Spatter

Windows Scratches

Principles of cooperation

  1. We carry out initial valuation of the service on the basis of properly completed valuation form and we send it within 24h to the email address given in the form..
  2. We send our repair crew after approval of estimated costs and the term of the service and submission of the repair order. In case of discrepancy between the description of damage provided by the customer and the actual state or change of the scope of works, the order is appropriately modified, however, the price of the order may not be lower than EUR 500 plus travel and accommodation costs.
  3. In case of necessity to transport the crew by an airplane, it is required to make an advance payment to cover the cost of airline tickets.
  4. If the customer cancels the service, the customer will cover incurred costs of travel, return and possible accommodation, if any.
  5. The crew includes at least one person who speaks English and is authorised to contact the customer and to represent CLEAR VIEW in formal issues.
  6. The customer must provide necessary 230V 16A power supply, access to sanitary facilities and free access to windows contracted for repair.
  7. The customer must organise possible access to the windows from scaffoldings or lifts. Their position must be consulted with our employee.
  8. In case of repairs carried out inside rooms, we take the responsibility to secure sensitive devices against dust and carry out initial cleaning of the room after the repair. The customer is responsible for thorough cleaning of the room after the repair.
  9. Please note that due to technological reasons certain damage are not repairable and in such cases we are unable to remove them.
  10. In case of lack of possibility to dismantle the window, we cannot guarantee correct repair in the edge area of the window.
  11. In case of damaging the window during repair, we do not do mutual charges.
  12. In case of any external layers on the window, the customer will inform the contractor about this fact before commencement of the repair.
  13. In case of downtimes during the performance of the order caused by the customer, we additionally charge EUR 10 for 1h of downtime plus EUR 100 (accommodation cost) in case of downtimes causing delay of works by 1 working day.
  14. Acceptance of works takes place 24h after reporting the completion of repair and is confirmed by the customer with an acceptance report. Due to additional accommodation costs, please carry out the acceptance as soon as possible.
  15. Payment in cash or by transfer in EUR not later than within 30 days from the invoice date.
  16. Ordering/allowing execution of works is tantamount to the acceptance of the offer.


Find us at the following address or contact us by phone or e-mail.

ul. Kapitańska 10/6, Gdynia 81-331

+48 517 720 854


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