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PRIVACY POLICY Observed by the

1. In order to respect the privacy of our Customers, please be informed that all personal data you have vested in us is kept and processed in a safe way by the personal data admin, the Andrzej Borkowicz CLEAR VIEW company based at 10/6 Kapitańska Street, 81-331 Gdynia, NIP 5861038515, REGON 190878608, registered by CEIDG.

2. Respecting your rights as subjects of personal data (persons, whom the data does not concern) and respecting the provisions of law at the same time, the Order by the European Parliament and Council (UE) 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons in connection with personal data processing and a free flow of such data dated 27th April 2016 and also the cancellation of the Directive 95/46/WE (general order on the data protection) hereafter called GDPR, the Law on Personal Data Protection (hereafter called the Law) and other respective and regulations concerning the data protection, we undertake to keep safe and secret all personal details obtained from you. All employees have been trained accordingly and our company as the Administrator of Personal details have implemented respective protective measures and technical and organisational resources in order to provide the top level of personal data protection. We have implemented the GDPR conformant Personal Data Protection procedures and policies owing to which we are able to conform to the respective law and the reliability of the data processing as well as enforcing all rights to which our Customers are entitled. Additionally, should the need occur, we are cooperating with a Supervisory Body in the Republic of Poland, i.e. the Chairman of the Personal Data Protection Bureau (hereafter called the PUODO).

3. All enquiries, petitions or complaints concerning the personal data processing by our company (the Personal Data Admin), hereafter called the Notification, must be submitted per e-mail: or in writing to the address of the Personal Data Admin ul. Kapitańska 10, lok. 6, 81-331 Gdynia. The Notification must clearly indicate:
a) the details of the person or persons the Notification concerns,
b) the occurrence causing the Notification,
c) presentation of your demands and the legal grounds for the same,
d) indicate the expected manner of handling the issue.

4. We collect the following personal data in our Website:
a) First name and last name – while filling in the Contact Form you will be asked to state your name in order for us to get in touch with you; if your last name appears in your e-mail address, it will also be subject to processing;
b) the e-mail address – we will contact you through this address in order to send you our response to your enquiry sent through the Contact Form;
c) contact phone number – we shall contact you using the given phone number in order to be able to answer your questions concerning the price estimates from the Form;
d) renovation site – while filling in the Price Estimate Form, you will be asked to provide the address where the renovation must be carried out i.e. the Country and the City where the renovation will take place.

5. Providing the data mentioned above, shall be necessary to:
– get in touch with us through the Form available from our Website,
– make it possible to answer the Notification sent through the Price Estimate Form on our Website,
– enrol to the subscription of our Newsletter.

6. Our website uses the Cookies for the purpose of adjusting it to your individual needs. Thus, you may give your consent to your disclosed personal details to be stored in the computer memory which will later be used next time you visit our Website with no need to enter them again. Owners of other portals will have no access to this data or information. If you, however, do not agree for the personalizing of the Website, we suggest you inactivate the Cookies files in your Internet browser options.

7. Everyone using our Website has the option whether or to what extent wants to use our services and make the information and data available within the content of our Privacy Policy.

8. Your personal details are processed by our Company acting as Personal Details Admin for the purpose of providing the service and any other services provided to you (i.e. persons who the data concern) and offered through the Website. Sticking to the minimisation principle, we process only those categories of the personal data which are absolutely necessary for achieving the aim highlighted in the verse above.

9. We process the personal data for the duration of time necessary to achieve the aims given in the paragraph above. The personal data may take longer to be processed than indicated in the paragraph above in the event such right or obligation imposed on the Personal Data Admin is in line with respective provisions of law or the service we provide is of a continuous nature.

10. The persons whose personal data is processed by the Personal Data Admin are the source of such data.

11. We do not disclose any personal details to third party without an explicit permit by the person the data refers to. The personal data may only be disclosed without the permit of the person in question, to the public law bodies, i.e. authority and administration agencies (f. ex. tax administration entities, law enforcement authorities and other bodies having capacity in commonly applicable law).

12. The personal data may be permitted to be processed by entities specialising in data processing for the benefit of our Company acting as Personal Data Admin. In such a case, as Personal Data Admin, we conclude a contract on Personal Data Entrusting with the processing entity. The Data Processing Entity process the data only for the needs, in the scope and for the purpose indicated in the Entrusting Contract. We would not be able to run our business nor provide you with parcels or correspondence without entrusting your personal data for the processing. As Personal Data Admin we entrust your Personal Data to the processing entities who:
a) provide hosting services for the use by the internet site we have our Website,
b) provide other services for our benefit as Personal Data Admin which are necessary for the current operation of the Website.

13. The personal data is not subject to be profiled by the Personal Data Admin.

14. Following the GDPR provisions, every person whose personal data is processed by us, the Personal Data Admin, has the right:
a) to have access to their personal data, as per Art. 15 GDPR – providing your personal details to us, you are entitled to have an insight into it and access which, however, does not mean you have access to all documents which bear your data as they may contain confidential information, however, you may require information which data of yours and for what purpose is being processed and the right to be issued copies of your personal data. We provide you with the first copy free of charge while every subsequent copy is charged as per the GDOR regulations; the administration fee respective of the copy making cost;
b) to corret, supplement, update, rectify your personal adata, which is mentioned in Art. 16 GDPR – if your personal data has changed, please let us know this so that the data we store corresponds to the actual status of yours and is current; also in the situation there has been no change to the data but for any reasons the data is incorrect or incorrectly written (for instance a spelling mistake), please communicate it to us,
c) to remove the data (the right to be forgotten), as per Art. 17 GDPR – in other words, you have the right to demand your data will be „cancelled” by us, the Personal Data Admin and the right to make an application to us, the Personal Data Admin to inform other administrators to whom your data has been submitted, there is the need to remove your data. You may require your personal data be removed primarily in the situation:
• the aim for which your personal data has been collected, has been fulfilled, such as the sales agreement with you has been completed in full;
• the processing of your personal data was only based on your permit which subsequently was withdrawn and the legal grounds ceased to be in place permitting the continuation of the data processing, f. ex. in the situation you abandon the Newsletter subscription or stop using the offer of our Company in any other way;
• you have filed an objection as per Art. 21 GDPR and you are of the opinion that we do not hold any overriding legal grounds allowing for our processing of your personal data;
• your personal data had been processed against law, i.e. for the aims not in line with the law or with no grounds allowing for data processing – please remember that in such a case you must produce grounds for your demand;
• the necessity to remove your personal data is required by law;
• you are over 13 years of age.
d) to restrict the processing, as specified in Art. 18 GDPR – you may apply to our Company with a demand to restrict the processing of your personal data (which would mean that until the case has been settled, we will only keep the data), provided:
• you question the correctness of your personal data, or
• you consider we process your data without the necessary legal grounds yet at the same time you would not like us to remove your personal data (which means, you are not using the right mentioned in the paragraph above), or
• you have filed an objection which is mentioned in par. f) below, or
• your personal data is needed to determine, investigate or defend claims before the court for an instance;
e) to transfer the data, as per Art. 20 GDPR – you have the right to obtain your data in the format which enables reading it on a computer and the right to forward the data in such a format to another administrator; you will enjoy this right only when there has been consent for the processing or the data had been processed automatically;
f) to file an objection to the personal data processing, as mentioned in Art. 21 GDPR – you are entitled to file an objection if you do not agree to our processing of your data which we had been processing for the well-grounded purposes in line with respective law;
g) not to be subject to profiling, as mentioned in Art 22 in conn. with Art. 4(4) GDPR – on our Website you will not be subject to the automated decision taking nor profiling as understood by GDPR provisions unless you give consent to the same; we shall inform you about the profiling should it occur;
h) to file a complaint with the supervisory body (i.e. the Chairman of the Personal Data Protection Bureau), as per Art. 77 GDPR – if you deem we process your personal data against the law or infringe any entitlement allowed by law concerning personal data protection.

15. Referring to your right to remove your data (the right to be forgotten), please be informed that as per the GDPR regulations you are not entitled to this right if:
a) the processing of your personal data is necessary to use the right of the freedom of speech and information, when you f. ex. have published your data in a blog, in comments etc.,
b) the processing of your personal data is necessary for our Company to meet our commitments under various regulations – we are not allowed to use your data for the period needed for the completion of our tasks and commitments (taxes for instance) which is imposed by the regulations;
c) your personal data processing is being carried out for the purpose of investigation, determination or claims defense.

16. If you would like to make use of your rights mentioned in the paragraph above, please send a message to the e-mail address:

17. Every revealed single case of safety violation shall be documented and in the event of the occurrence of any of the situations specified in the GDPR or Law, the persons whose data has been put to risk will be informed and – should the case be – also the PUODO.

18. In any matters not handled by this Privacy Policy the provisions of general law shall apply. In the event of discrepancy between the provisions of this Policy and the mentioned regulations, the said regulations prevail.


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